BrewUK – yeasts

Malt miller – liquid yeasts


Simply Hops – buy hops cheap in 5kg packs

Worcester hop shop – buy hops cheap in 100g packs

The malt miller – they have a large variety of hops (including Citra in-stock)

Hop Extract

Totally Natural Solutions – various hop extracts


The malt miller – good grain selection

Get er brewed – 25kg of pale for £15

Hop plants

willingham nurseries – Very good, near summer they sell potted hop plants, before they sell the rhizomes

Bog Myrtle



Gas cylinders uk – sell 70/30 etc.

John guest sellers

John guest reducer – Converting 3/8″ to 5/16″ (near enough to 8mm for my Guinness tap)

Cornelius Kegs

Home brew shop – £66 (wouldn’t recommend plastic on keg peeling off)

AEB corny keg – brand new £90


Morrow brothers

Crusader kegs (Supposed to be very good according to Jims – Don’t think they sell to the public now)

Keg and Cask – found on SIBAs site

Cellar training – excellent site covering how to use normal kegs


Ultimate bar products – sell a kit for tapping a cask

Cask cooling probe

Barley bottom – bungs etc. for casks

A1 Barstuff – bungs etc. for casks

Wooden Barrels

Oak Barrel – reasonably cheap barrels

Barrel Shop


Solar project pumps – very cheap plastic pumps

March may – around £130 for 809 pump

17lpm pump – £43

22lpm – mag pump £90 (inc shipping)

HDPE Conical fermenter – makers of the plastic conical tanks – around £120 for 200l including shipping, make sure to ask for stainless plate

Tanks direct – 200L fermenter £266.40 delivered (no cutout for immersion heater)

Tanks direct – 220L fermenter £338.40 delivered

Oilybits – 220L fermenter £399 delivered

DTchemicals – Ring to see if they do a 200L

Stainless steel conical

The brew shop – ask what grade stainless and whether they do 200L

Willis – seem to do 100L ask what grade stainless and whether they do 200L

Chronical 63l – £440

Brupacks – ring for prices

Italian / German … equipment

Electric elements


Detaiheater – excellent company, 2x 6kW SS element with SS flange for ~£60 inc. delivery from China

Temperature probes

1-wire temperature probe


Blue plastic drum

Stainless steel 205l drum – £100 ex vat


Camlock fittings

Lots of assorted size camlock fittings

Seem to be the cheapest camlocks

Tri-clamp fittings

Tri-clamp fittings – excellent seller, very pleased with the quality


homebrewbuilder – bought Thermowell + fitting kit, very pleased with them, using in my RIMS setup

Beer gas line / beer line

Brandels – Bought my tubing here, very pleased

Silicone platinum cured hose

thehomebrewforum – Very pleased, but only sell up to 9m

Stainless valves etc.


Stainless thru-hull/thru-deck fitting

ASAP supplies

1/2″ BSP – $4.30


Mini immersion heater

1.5″ RIMS tube

SS fittings

Colglo SS fittings – very good company

Beer shops

Beautiful beers – sells belgian beers mainly

Beers of Europe – probably the largest selection in the UK

Belgium in a box

Beer of Belgium

Bieres Gourmet

Uvinum – has Cantillon Kriek

Info on Breweries

Belgium breweries

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