Filtering beer with 0.1 micron absolute filter

Beer prior to filtration, I’d tried gelatin + kieselsol for around 2 week now in total at 0.4C:

Temp reading:

Using the Sawyer SP-128 Filter:

The results!:


  • The filtered beer definitely tastes different (I am not planning to do this on all my beer)
  • I noticed that when I attached this tiny filter in line to a corny keg, it does clog fast (back flushing with clean water does help fix it, but that’s only a temporary fix)! So I’m planning to add a 0.5 micron absolute filter prior to it, in 5″ or 10″ filter housing.
  • Because this is sterile filtration (which will remove the yeast), I will add bottling yeast, when bottling and priming.
  • Instead of filtering all beer, I’m going to alter my process including taking steps to encourage precipitation of cold break, by chilling potentially to 0C after boiling, leaving for a while then increasing to pitch temp.

  • Eugene
    October 30, 2017 Reply

    what’s the difference in taste w/filter?

    • admin
      October 31, 2017 Reply


      Unfiltered: More of a bready aroma. Definitely seems to have more taste, bready, possibly more bitterness too I think.
      Filtered: Less aroma Less bitterness and breadiness in taste. Definitely seems lighter to me in taste, although I won’t say the original beer was brilliant.

      Hope that helps.

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