• procmod – A tool for modifying running processes under linux
  • OCR a power meter’s output
  • Rndgpu generating random numbers from a GPU
  • Uptime faking your uptime
  • Lossy Text Compression – compresses text in a lossy fashion
  • Ultrasound text transmission – simple example transmitting data via Gnuradio through audio
  • Ultrasound networking – Transmitting TCP/IP etc. using Gnuradio and virtual ethernet devices
  • LSD Java Port of the excellent Line Segment Detector algorithm
  • Timeshifter Transmissions of data through time based covert channels across a network
  • Optical Magnetic Stripe Reading Reading a magnetic stripe visually using iron powder in solvent
  • Music Player playing .wav files via the system bus to a nearby radio
  • CDitter – Electromechanical based data exfiltration
  • Beer Review Analysis – analysis and graphing of beer reviews
  • UM25C USB power meter – Graph and log output of a USB power meter
  • Synth – A silly synthesizer using USB insertions and removals to create tones
  • sparklemotion – simple Python script using picamera to capture motion and stream
  • claymation – simple Python script for stop frame animation with the raspberry pi


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